Money Money Money

Money Money Money

Has anyone else noticed how money tends to rule us? Whether directly or indirectly, it all seems to relate back to the greenbacks. We work for it, flaunt it when we have it, save it when we can, and yet steadily need more to survive. It has always been about the money. Religious leaders might say we’ve began to idolize money in a god-like manner, but even churches need it. Everything costs money to live, and if you don’t have it you have to hustle to get it. The O’Jays called it the “lean mean green,” and Cardi B already told you it was all she needs.

In the modern world we live in, money is a necessary tool to trade goods and provide food and shelter for ourselves and our families. But how has it grown to enslave us in such a way that we will sacrifice our mental health for it? And how do we break the cycle? Is it even possible in this society; the same society built on stealing from other lands? We’ve even created social hierarchies rooted in how much money you have amassed. Is this the price of living in a capitalistic society?

They say (whoever “they” are) that if you do what you love for a living, the money will follow. What if you’re a nymphomaniac, isn’t prostitution illegal? Or what if you’re a serial killer and killing people brings you a sick joy? I’m 100% sure the world could do without your chilling adventures. Maybe the idea isn’t that black and white then. Doing what you love will in fact allow you more peace and a happier outlook, but it may not always lead directly to a steady cash-flow simply because not every idea is profitable. As sad as it is, often our hobbies may not realistically be viable enough to support you financially. But why? Is it because we’re living above our means too frequently? Is it the things we need that get us in trouble, or the things that we want? No one needs to go into debt trying to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes to wear on the back of a camel and trek through Dubai, that’s a bit excessive (although a camel sounds lit). But what about when you need a mental retreat to clear you mind? A vacation away to yourself can be such a mentally necessary desire, but too often we feel imprisoned by the need to obtain money that we don’t believe we can make such a sacrifice.

While many things in life might require money and many experiences are dependent on whether or not we have it, we have to find ways around allowing it to own us. How do we do that? By enjoying the simpler things in life that don’t require much of it. Walks in the park, spending time playing with the dog, laughing with the ones you love, eating ice cream on a hot day (unless you’re lactose intolerant…stay away from that last one).


2 thoughts on “Money Money Money

  1. “What if you’re a nymphomaniac, isn’t prostitution illegal?”
    Girl I almost choked on my pistachios lol, but I love it! I’m starting over career wise, and more money would definitely be a huge benefit right now. Like you said in this you’re supposed to have work that brings peace. I’m passionate about what I’m trying to do, if it’s meant to bring forth revenue that’s a plus and I’m here for it!
    Love and light sistar, I am a fan of your work❤

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