What’s Goin On, Marvin?

What’s Goin On, Marvin?

WARNING: This is a racially sensitive post. If you are easily offended by the mentioning of cultural injustice in America, this is not a post for you. Please proceed with caution.

Lawd Lawd LAWD! Somebody tell me why they keep coming for our black men and boys? It seems like every time I turn around another one is shot and killed in broad daylight senselessly, and months later there’s no consequences or repercussions.

Most recently the officers involved in the shooting and murder of Stephon Clark have not been charged with criminal charges. In case you’re lost somewhere in the sea of publicized cases between unarmed African Americans and law enforcement, allow me to refresh your memory on this one. In March 2018, while police were searching for a vandal in a Sacramento neighborhood, 22 year old Stephon Clark was shot to death in his grandmother’s backyard after police claimed they thought he had a gun; the supposed “gun” later was identified as a cell phone

Almost a year later, the two officers have not been charged. According to District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, the court believes the officers were justified in the use of deadly force:

“Was a crime committed? There’s no question that a human being died. But when we look at the facts and the law, and we follow our ethical responsibilities, the answer to that question is no. And as a result, we will not charge these officers.”

Schubert then goes on to say:

We must recognize that they are often forced to make split-second decisions,” she said. “We must also recognize that they are under tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving circumstances.”


Now, not only does this sadden my soul, but I’m tired of hearing this same story of yet another unarmed black man that is murdered in plain sight for absolutely no reason other than a questionable “fear” by police officers. It seems that for the brothers in arms, there’s comfort in the fact that if you kill an unarmed black person while in arresting pursuit, that somehow if you “thought” he had a weapon, it justifies the crime. I understand that the line of duty for an officer is extremely high risk, please understand I’m not undermining or devaluing the job itself. But if I’m being honest, I don’t want to hear anything about justifying the means for being trigger-ready when dealing with a specific culture of people. Especially when too frequently in recent history these same scenarios (often much more dangerous in fact) have been played out with Caucasian criminals, and yet they’ve been taken in peaceful arrest. WITH weapons on them. Where is the smart ass response to that? I’m waiting…

It’s times like these that I’m reminded just how shortly ago people that looked like Stephon Clark, Sandra Bland, Charles Kinsey, and myself were hosed by police officers and chased by K-9 units as consequence for peaceful protests or being in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time. And let’s not even begin to discuss the consequences of a black man allegedly looking at a white woman. It’s a brutal and damning realization that no matter how much we succeed, there’s always a line of division ready to hold us back. While it wearies my spirit, it also gives me and many other members of the black American community a reason to continue to fight for equality

Asé and black power y’all.

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